Tastemakers Report #2

Truth Central is delighted to announce the release of the second report from our Tastemakers Council initiative. The McCann Tastemakers Council consists of a hand-selected group of innovators and influencers in the luxury space, with backgrounds including travel, hospitability, fashion and digital. The Council convened at the McCann New York offices on an evening this fall for an experiential dinner and discussion about the cultural questions facing the luxury category. The evening’s conversation was distilled and compiled into the second McCann Tastemakers Council Report, the purpose of which is to provide provocative strategic insights to brand leaders seeking to understand today’s consumer aspirations from a macro-cultural level.

The report is an analysis of some of the most interesting cultural tensions facing luxury today, such as defining the core tenants of American luxury, and capturing the evolving values of the modern affluent consumer. Many brands are grappling with what it means to offer true luxury in today’s ever-connected world and achieving the right mix between the old guard and the new progressives. As more consumers are exposed to luxury lifestyles on a mass scale, brands must think very carefully about their strategies in order to accurately reflect their uniqueness in the market, as well as the ethical, environmental and diversity underpinnings of their luxury goods.

By examining the macro-cultural forces affecting luxury today and into the future, the Tastemakers Council report also aims to pull those threads through to address brand challenges across many categories.

The report is available upon request. Please contact tastemakerscouncil@mccann.com for more information.