visual-post-200x300In today’s information age, where we are all arguably over-stimulated, what does inspiration look like? We’re constantly bombarded with information and incredible content from our digital world. The very idea that we could grasp it all, not to mention let it sink in is ludicrous; however, it is a battle we must continue to fight as ‘engagement’ is our bread and butter which brands cannot exist without.

In a world where we were gorging ourselves on information, it’s no wonder that when Twitter came along and put us on a diet of 140 characters, many were ready to embrace it.

But bitesized information is no longer enough and a plethora of sites that are pushing purely visual messaging are on the up. That old adage that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ seems to be ringing true (even more efficient than 140 characters!). The dominance of Instagram, the infinitely more visual Facebook timeline and the latest must-have game, Draw Something are the current visual driven content that is dominating our industry’s headlines. Not to mention new media darling Pintrest.

What unites these companies, beyond the obvious visual selling point, is the ease at which you can consume them. Nay, also the ease at which you can create with them. Instead of being passive and allowing content to wash over you, these mediums inspire you to actively be creative. The universality of images, along with the obvious polish Instagram, Flipboard and Pintrest provide seem such a simple and obvious solution in a world awash with content, much of it utter drivel.

Brands have been obsessing about their social strategy in recent times…look out for new conversations to pop up in marketing departments near you about ‘visual strategy’.