jellyfish-225x300On Thursday at our McCann regional strategy summit in Bangkok, I was lucky enough to moderate a panel with three fascinating Thai bloggers; Suchada Tansirimas, Sarath Piamworanan, Nipa Dapanvijit.

It was great to listen to them discuss their inspiration and their passion for their chosen subject area. They told us how they enjoyed working with brands and recommending products but were absolutely committed to retaining their integrity and authentic voice.

Our beauty blogger, Sarath, with 20,000 followers, was sent so many skincare products to review by brands hoping to be associated with his blog that he couldn’t possibly hope to test them all, as he said “I only have one face!” His knowledge and enthusiasm for the category was impressive. It wasn’t long before the audience stopped quizzing him about the intended subject (bloggers working with brands) and instead started to ask him for advice on the most effective beauty products available! The best piece of advice he could give us? Use sunscreen (I think he would be an advocate of the Whole Beauty insight uncovered in our Truth About Beauty study).

Our mom blogger (who recommends child-friendly activities to families in the local area) proudly showed us her very own invention, a home-made jelly fish in a bottle for the kids. You can see the video she made to showcase it here.

We were in awe (and possibly a little jealous) of her creativity and entrepreneurialism…

Thank you to our fab colleagues in the Thai office (Varidda and Ornusa) who organized the whole thing.