Truth-About-Wellness-InviteIt’s not often that a group of 125 advertising professionals share a consensus opinion on a topic; particularly when that topic is an assessment of one’s own wellness. Yet that was the case yesterday, as a room full of attendees at the launch of The Truth About Wellness all agreed that there is more they could be doing to make themselves well.

For the event, we returned to a familiar locale, SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel, site of the launch of The Truth About Moms. Harris Diamond, CEO of McCann Worldgroup, graciously greeted the crowd before turning the podium over to Daryl Lee, McCann’s Chief Strategy Officer. Daryl introduced the wellness topic and shared the thought framework that was central to our research and analysis.

Laura then delivered comprehensive findings, discussing enemies and heroes in the current wellness equation and emphasized the integration of technology in future pursuits of wellness. She further entertained the crowd by posing questions like which country values sleep as one of the most important components of maintaining wellness (the answer is Japan).

The presentation was followed by an all-star panel including Arianna Huffington (Editor-in-chief, Huffington Post), David Kirchhoff (President & CEO, Weight Watchers), Celeste Bottorff (Senior Director Outreach Education & Partnership, Coca-Cola) and Unity Stoakes (Co-Founder, StartUp Health). The panel was informative, inspiring, humorous, honest, and prescient. Arianna Huffington discussed the benefits of disconnecting and urged everyone to eliminate electronic stimuli an hour before bed. She further said that she makes sure that her phone charges away from her bed so she is less inclined to check it if she stirs at night. David Kirchoff referenced the importance of brain science in understanding the motivators behind what people eat and how this helps WeighWatchers to encourage positivity amongst their membership. Celeste Bottorff spoke of the vital role of activity in health management, as well as her personal weight loss journey. Echoing some of the findings that Laura addressed about the integration of technology in wellness, Unity Stoakes imagined the possibility of a shirt that monitored stress and helped fix one’s posture.

To supplement our research for the Truth About Wellness, which included 7,000 online interviews of consumers around the globe, we conducted co-creation workshops in 10 different markets. We also had the exciting opportunity to interview wellness experts across many different disciplines and collected hours of insightful and thought-provoking footage. We are so grateful for our all the panelists and experts that lent helping hands to this study and are pleased to share the Top 10 Wellness Trends for 2013.