While Valentine’s Day has become a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world, attitudes about love and the way it gets expressed vary significantly among nationalities. In the Truth about Global Brands, we asked over 30,000 how often they utter the words ‘I love you’ a week.

Expressive Chileans claim to say “I love you” an huge 32 times a week, more than any other nationality. Next up: Colombians at 27 times a week, followed by Argentineans, Mexicans and South Africans.  Americans rank in the top 10 at 15 times a week.

The Japanese are at the other end of the spectrum, rationing those three little words to once a week.  Similarly, in neighboring China and Hong Kong 3 times is the norm, while for South Korea and Singapore 4 times is typical. This isn’t to say, of course, that these cultures are any less loving than the people of other countries, rather that some cultures tend to be less effusive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!