Wellness Workshop

Now available: A one-day interactive co-creation workshop that allows clients to apply the truths uncovered in The Truth About Wellness to their brand.

The Wellness Workshop Box contains everything needed to run a full, immersive session that is designed to be as action-orientated as it is insightful. After completing the workshop, a brand will have a detailed understanding of the below areas:

  • Consumer’ perceived wellness barriers and enabler
  • Future trends shaping the wellness category
  • Access to a bespoke wellness segmentation and individual need states

Using these insights, the workshop be an instrumental tool in defining:

  •  How a brand can harness lucrative new wellness trends
  • Ways in which to operate in new and novel ways so a brand is seen as a category leader
  • A long term Wellness Mission that will clearly define a brand’s wellness role

If you are interested in running a wellness workshop and for the pricing, please contact India Wooldridge, Deputy Director of Truth Central, at

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