What makes a football fan? What motivates them? What are their unique behaviors? These are some of the fascinating questions we’ve been trying to answer over the last month of action-packed football matches! McCann Truth Central’s global network of truth hunters has been taking to the streets in 26 markets around the world to talk to football fans about their passion for the game, and the highs and lows that come with being a fan. The results of these interviews will be featured in our upcoming study, the Truth About Fans.

But as the FIFA World Cup draws to a nail-biting conclusion, we’d like to share some of our most intriguing findings: the different good luck rituals fans around the world will be performing this weekend to will their team to victory in the finals. A lot’s been written about the quirky football rituals of the players (both past and present). However, there’s been relatively little coverage of some of fans’ weirder rituals. Here are some of our favorites.

For more insights on fans, keep a look out for the Truth About Fans, coming soon!