The Truth About Moms: Central & Eastern Europe is a follow up to our 2012 global study, the Truth About Moms.

Globally, the prevalence of technology is making it even easier for today’s moms to juggle and balance their changing responsibilities in the workplace and at home, helping them to be ‘super’ moms. However, in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the new regional study, ‘The Truth About Moms: CEE’ by McCann Truth Central, reveals a different picture for these emerging markets, where the role of technology to enhance and enable the lives of moms is neither commonplace nor explicitly desired.

The Truth About Moms: CEE was written with the objective of providing brands with strategies to engage modern and multitasking moms in the region. The findings are based on proprietary qualitative and quantitative research conducted in Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

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