McCann LATAM is behind our new “Truth Pills.” By taking the most interesting stats from our truth studies and repackaging them into fun pieces of artwork, the team in Ecuador is already amassing a flock of Facebook followers.

What was the big idea? For more than one hundred years, McCann has been committed to finding the truth and telling it well. McCann Ecuador simply wanted to share the wealth of human truths from our studies in a easily consumable format. “That’s why we came up with this idea,” says Silvana Kalil, Director of Strategic Planning in Ecuador, “Truth Pills is a project that will live within social network sites.” Taking content from truth studies to a whole another level, Silvana hopes that they will be sharable, stimulating and even addictive.

My own moment of truth came when my eyes landed on the cute but clearly naked illustration of advertising executive. According to our Truth About Advertising study only 7% would have sex with an advertising executive. Alas, we just don’t fair so well against doctors and entrepreneurs! Please take a look at some of my favorite pills below …

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