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Our pride and joy. We travel the globe to discover truths. We believe these truths help brands to truly make their mark so please have a read, download a copy and get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

The Truth About Privacy – 2013 Update

In the two years since we launched our first Truth About Privacy study, much has changed in the national dialogue around the issue of personal privacy. In this new Truth About Privacy study we uncover how people’s attitudes and behaviors have altered in the last two years and identify the ‘new rules for cool’ in an era of over-sharing to help brands navigate today’s tapped in culture. Our research, conducted in the US, included an 1100 person online quantitative study and five focus groups with consumers ranging from 16-60.

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The Truth About Affluence

What is affluence today? The Truth About Affluence, the latest study from McCann Truth Central, paints a portrait of today’s affluent consumer to help brands engage the top 20%. Our research included an online survey of 4000 affluent individuals in 21 of the most influential cities around the world, as well as qualitative dinner parties in 16 of those markets.

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The Truth About Advertising

The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) invited McCann Truth Central to partner with them to develop The Truth About Advertising U.S. Study and launch it at the 2013 4A’s Transformation Conference in New Orleans. McCann Truth Central then teamed up with sister agency, Momentum, to design a survey to measure how consumers perceive the advertising industry versus how the industry views itself. Our survey comprised of 1000 consumers and just under 500 people working in advertising. We further complemented our findings with interviews from industry experts and man on the street interviews. We uncovered a fundamental gap in perceptions, but most importantly the study reveals the levers that advertising agencies can utilize to elevate the image of the industry in order to attract the best and the brightest talent.

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The Truth About Connected You

We all know that connectivity via technology is a tremendously important force in contemporary culture. In this truth study, we have explored the notion of connectivity from some new and provocative angles. We’ve broached subjects like whether mobility impacts fundamentals such as our motivations and personalities and whether life lived through a screen gives us a different moral compass. Most importantly, we’ve provided strategies for consumer brands, device manufacturers and networks to navigate this brave new world of ubiquitous connectivity.

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The Truth About Wellness

McCann Truth Central’s latest study, the Truth About Wellness, provides brands with strategies to navigate this emerging, yet incredibly broad concept. We have unpacked deep-rooted consumer behaviors and found where the opportunities (and perceived responsibilities) are for brands within the wider cultural lens. We interviewed 7000 people worldwide to determine, among other things, what wellness means to them.

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The Truth About Politics

How do people today view politics, the media and the institution of government? More specifically, how much of the truth do they believe they get from their leaders and journalists? What is their opinion of brands getting involved in politics? We conducted an online study of 3000 respondents in the US, UK and India, in an effort to answer these questions.

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The Truth About Asian Women

What differentiates Asian women from their counterparts elsewhere in the world? This has been the topic of much speculation by everyone from anthropologists to corporate executives. McCann Truth Central in Asia draws upon our previous Truth Studies as well as fresh research to highlight ten distinct ways in which Asian women approach life.

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The Truth About Moms

What drives today’s mother? What are her hopes for her children and indeed herself? How does she use technology to navigate the world around her? We conducted an online survey of 6,800 moms as well as forty in-depth focus groups to answer these questions…

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The Truth About Beauty

We looked at the increasingly dynamic and innovative world of beauty to find out what really matters. Who sets the standards for beauty? What must one do to truly look beautiful? What does feeling beautiful mean? And what beauty dreams do we still have? We asked over 7000 people worldwide to find out.

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The Truth About Mobile

To understand mobile and the latest revolution in the history of communication, we asked over 4000 people worldwide to find out how mobile devices impact and enhance our lives. What we discovered is that we are in a new era—one that is dominated by mobile.

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The Truth About Social

After speaking to over 12,000 people for our various studies, the increasing prominence of all things social just kept cropping up. In this study, we collate our key findings to make sense of it all.

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The Truth About Privacy

In the transparent world of today, as virtually all aspects of our lives have become digitized, the question of personal privacy keeps arising. Are we keeping up with the power of technology to shape our privacy? What is the truth about privacy concerns online? And indeed what does privacy actually mean to the average person around the world? We asked over 6000 worldwide people to find out.

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The Truth About Youth

What motivates young people around the world today? Money? Fame? Justice? What makes them different from every generation that has come before? We asked over 7000 young people around the world to find out.

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