Not to throw subs or anything, but some people are so basic. It makes me salty. If you want to glow up then being fluent in Gen Z is major key. Preach. Learn how to fire shots or tell your bae they betta werk. Or maybe you wanna come thru to get hype. Whatever you do, don’t act thirsty now.

Reading the above, you’ll likely fall into one of two camps: either this is your native language (ok, maybe it’s trying a little too hard; we’ve exaggerated for effect) or this is complete and utter nonsense (in which case, you’re most likely over 25).

For those who fall into the latter camp, our new website may be your lifesaver (clutch, if you will). It’s Urban Dictionary for the next generation—the website is a living, breathing alphabet that breaks down today’s most common Gen Z slang. It features candid and, at times, hilarious definitions with videos created straight from the source that explains each term and its use.
For example, if you’ve ever wondered what people might call you when you’re missing your trousers, we’ve got your answer:

If you’re under 25, you may still pick up a thing or two, and you can even test your chops here to see if you’re indeed fluent in Gen Z lingo.

We created the site in response to the phenomenal array of words and phrases that young people are using today, which we discovered while conducting our most recent study, the “Truth About Youth.” Whether it’s Vine videos inspiring the fashionista’s favorite compliment, ‘on fleek’; or YouTube clips showcasing dances like Nae Nae and Hit the Quan; or even Snapchat stars coining their own catchphrases (think: DJ Khaled’s “keys to success”), the internet has allowed for a constantly evolving new language. The hope is that as the site gains traction, people will be encouraged to share more terms and it will become a truly living, breathing, evolving dictionary.

Think you have words to add? Send us your own videos! Create an Instagram video and tag @atogenz in your caption. Feel free to upload to your own feed or slide it in our DMs. We’ll check it out within 24 hours. And read more about the Truth About Youth study here.

One last note to leave you with: is lit. We all go through the Mondaze to get to that Friyay feeling and everyone’s been voluntold before. Our dictionary will have you weak so come thru because, LBH, you gon’ learn today!